Entry #1

Hey fellow flashers!!

2009-07-14 03:59:10 by Ai-ki-san

Hi there everyone at NG! I've known about this site for quite some time, mainly through Deviantart.com.

I finally found some time to sign up! I have been using flash for over 3 years know.. wow that went fast.. and I'm here to keep learning and also share my knowledge.

A little about myself..

Well I'm not very sporty, but I do love to skate. I love art, anime, punk/emo and my music is the gigabytes of my life. Haha a little overexagerated.. buuuut ya know.

I'm Aussie, but I live on the coast in a normal suburb haha not in the outback, and no I do not have a kangeroo as a pet, I wouldnever dream of it! It'd probably kick me so hard and make my head fly to china.

Me and one odf my best friends are working on getting a wolf comic published called "massacre alliance". The site is almost ready to be published, but until then I'm not giving away to much.

I also love to make up random crap, and in actual fact, normal people scare me haha. Randomness is me. lol read the about me segment on my page and you'll see what I mean :P

Ok nuff said. I'll stfu now. Ai-ki out.


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2009-07-14 04:09:42

I like bagels. Can't wait to see some random spam flashes from you, we really don't have enough here. Really.

Ai-ki-san responds:

lol thanks. What makes you think I'll be giving random spam flashes? Did I give it away? lol I will hopefully be able to make some completely unexplainable random crap, so have fun waiting! haha

I like dohnuts! LOL


2009-07-16 03:43:27

Well, Welcome to Newgrounds then :)

Ironically, I'm from dA too =P

Recommended your art to be scouted, so best of luck with getting in that

Ai-ki-san responds:

Thanks alot! ^_^

Whats your name on dA? Mine there is also ai-ki-san.

How does my work get scouted? ^^